/Ways To Increase Facebook Page Likes In 2019!

Ways To Increase Facebook Page Likes In 2019!

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools available online out there! With 3.64 billion monthly active Facebook users, social media like Facebook is way too big to ignore and a great social platform to find your targeted audiences.

It’s not about the quantity of Facebook likes that you collect, it’s also about the quality of posts; attracting Facebook likes from a group targets to suit your business goals whose comments (and of course, endorsements!) can increase your shares and engagement on Facebook.

So, here are 6 best and easy ways to drive targeted Facebook likes to your business page. These tactics are perfect for startups that have recently set up their Facebook or other Social Media Profiles and are looking to build their initial traction. Page likes critical for businesses that have fewer than maybe just 2000 Facebook likes. Every 100 additional page likes are crucial for businesses pages at this stage of Social Media Marketing.

1. Optimize Your Facebook Page Info

The first few things that people see when they look at your Facebook page are your profile picture, cover photo, and a short description about what page it is. Therefore, it is crucial to brand yourself well with these components, making sure that each of them is descriptive and quite engaging. Be sure to fill out all of the subcategories in the information section of your page, including details such as your daily business hours, address, phone number, website URL, or any other useful information that can be provided. Filling out as much information as possible will improve your search rankings both within Facebook and with search engines like Google.

2. Keep Your Posts Short and Interesting

Nobody reads read massive blocks of text on social media. There is just too much for them to see from their friends and family. Reading longer posts from brand pages won’t be at the top of their priority lists. Social media platforms such as Facebook are designed for it’s users to scroll through content quickly. You also need to consider how many Facebook users are accessing your contents from their mobile devices.

3. Add the ‘LIKE PAGE’ Button

Facebook provides you with a button that allows people to easily connect with your Facebook Page from anywhere on the web. Where should you add it? Everywhere you can: on your website, in your email signature, in your newsletters, catalogs and brochures. You should also include your Facebook Page address on your other social media platforms (such as Twitter, YouTube, and Google+). Cross-promotion of your social media profiles is a free and effective way of growing the number of followers on all your social media platforms.

4. Invite existing contacts to Like your page

If you already have some close friends, family, or any existing customers who would be more than willing to connect with your business on Facebook, all you need to do is to ask them. Whether in person, via email, or via Facebook messenger. You can ask them for Likes and positive reviews. Just be careful about over-promoting to over uninterested connections.

You can also encourage all your existing connections to become fans (followers) by making it more likely that they’ll see a suggestion on Facebook to like your page. You’ll have to upload a list of emails to Facebook, and those from that list who are on Facebook will be made more likely to see a suggestion to like your page in places like “Recommended Pages.” Just remember that contacts of yours who aren’t on Facebook won’t see this suggestion.

5. It’s all about promotion!

There are various other opportunities to help put your content in front of the right audience. Facebook Groups are really useful here. Find groups that are relevant to your page, a good old fashioned search on Facebook is a good start. Filter your results to only return groups. Always look out for active groups with engaged members, the total members of the group is worth noting but it’s not the only metric to look at. I’d rather my content be put in front of a group with 100 active members than a group of 1000 with little to no interaction.

6. Try to post 1-2 times every day

As your likes go up and your audience grows, make sure you’re holding their interest and reinforcing your new relationships with relevant and updated posts. Got no ideas? How-to’s are very popular, especially if the posts are enriched with a video or photo. Or, you can also comment on an industry trend or development, and invite comments to get a conversation started. You can even ask for content and images from your users.

7. Boosting Your Facebook Page to gain likes Quickly (Fastest method!)

If you are looking to increase your Facebook Business page likes, the above 6 methods are really effective but but it going to take a while before you could see the likes.
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Wrapping Up

In this blog, we discussed the best ways to grow your Facebook page likes. No matter how small or big is your business is, having the presence of Facebook Business Page is necessary. The more likes you’ve on your Facebook page, the more stronger the social signal will be. Start implementing the above 7 ways to get more Facebook page likes to become a leader in the market. Hopefully, these important above-discussed tips will help your marketing strategies to increase page likes, followers and engagement on Facebook.